Zenkaizer and TwoKaizer Power Upgrades & Ultimate Formation Revealed.

Super Zenkaizer and Super TwoKaizer designs are based on previous Super Sentai Kaiju Mecha.

The latest toy listing for July-August of 2021 have revealed details about the new Zenkaiser upgrades and the ultimate mecha combination with Twokaiser

Zenkaizer and TwoKaizer will transform into their super modes Super Zenkaizer and Super TwoKaizer by using the Zenkai Juu Gear. The Gear is similar to Kamen Rider W’s Fang Memory. Super Zenkaizer and Super TwoKaizer design are based on Dragon Ceaser, and V-Rex respectively. Super TwoKaizer face design will bear resemblance to Gokai-Oh and the body of V-Rex from Timeranger. All three of Super TwoKaizer’s power-ups will be Gokai Silvers’s grand powers. Super Zenkaizer design is similar to GouRyuuJin from Zyuranger.

Super Zenkaizer will combine Gattai with Juran to form Super Zenkai-Oh. Super TwoKaizer will combine Gattai with TwoKai Rikki and Crocodai-Oh to form Super TwoKai-Oh. The Ultimate Gattai formation will be called Super World Gattai Beast – Zenkai Juu-Oh.

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