Zack Snyder Reveals Green Lantern Actor For The Justice League Snyder Cut.

Zack Snyder was force to replaced the Green Lanternscenes with Martian Manhunter and Joker.

Last month Zack Snyder revealed that he had shot scenes of John Stewart as the Green Lantern for his Snyder Cut of the Justice League. The director said he was forced to cut the character from his version of the because Warner Bros. Execs told him that they had other plans for the character. Snyder instead replaced the Green Lantern with Martian Manhunter as well as a scene with the Joker.

During his appearance at yesterday’s Justice Con 2021 virtual event, Snyder said that Wayne T. Carr was the actor who shot scenes as John Stewart/Green Lantern.

Jojo [Aguilar] did that based on the actor that we used. [It’s] a guy named Wayne T. Carr. I told [him], ‘Look, there’s a chance that this doesn’t make it in the movie. We are shooting it in my driveway.’ He’s amazing, and I was talking to him the other day, and he loved the movie. He was super excited for everyone and the reception the film has gotten.

We had made him a CG suit, because it was COVID, and we couldn’t really do a real suit. I mean, the mandate was to make it look as physical as possible. What I had seen was, of course, not finished, but I was very confident that even if we were to see him again, and we had to make him a real suit, it would match exactly.

The studio not allowing the character in the movie could be because they want to introduce him in their upcoming projects. A Green Lantern series is in the works for HBO MAX and a solo Green Lantern Corp movie is also in development.

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