Year One Series Adds Twist In Flash Origin.

Writer Joshua Williamson and artist Howard Porter, will explore The Flash origin story in this year, “Year One”. The comic series will retell Barry Allen’s first year as the Flash, and how he worked through his mother’s murder and father’s arrest. According to Williamson, the story will focus more on Barry and the Turtles, but will also show his encounter with Rogues before they became the group of supervillains.

When Barry was little, he was very much a hopeful, optimistic person. But then when his mom was murdered, it changed his view of life. It made him this very pessimistic person who didn’t look forward to the future anymore. He always thought the future was going to be kind of a bummer.

Geoff Johns said it best, I think. After his mom died, he was always standing still after that. He wasn’t moving forward.

And then once he got hit by the lightning, he started finally becoming this optimistic person again.

That’s what I want to explore with this story. It wasn’t easy. I want to show that it wasn’t just because he got his powers. Getting powers doesn’t automatically make you a hopeful, optimistic person. I wanted to show the actual evolution of him going from the powers to becoming the hopeful, optimistic person again that he was when he was a kid.

But there are some twists and turns. We tried to do a “Year One” that I think is not exactly what people would expect from it.

The Flash No. 70, part one of the “Year One” storyline, is now available in comic book stores and digitally May 8.


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