What If The Nick Fury Series is Connected To Hulking?

Nick Fury and Hulking could set up Secret Invasion and Young Avengers.

Last week we got wind that Disney has offered Samuel L. Jackson a new deal to reprise his role as Nick Fury in a new MCU series for Disney+. Variety, the site that reported the news, did not specify if the Nicki Fury series will be a solo project or will feature previous or new MCU characters. But we are suspecting that the project may feature Hulking – that’s if the series is not a prequel of some sort.

Let’s go down the rabbit hole.

Early this year there were reports that Hulkling (Dorrek VIII, also known as Theodore “Teddy” Altman) will be making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in a new project. Daniel Richman also confirmed that Hulking’s debut will either be on the big screen or a Disney+ series. Another report supporting the rumor is that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will feature Wiccan and Speed – Wanda Maximoff, and Vision twins baby who will debut in the Wandavision series.

We know that Wiccan and Hulking are members of the Young Avengers and also in a romantic relationship in the Marvel comics universe. With Marvel Studios rumored to be working on introducing the new Avengers, it just makes perfect sense for the studio wanting to introduce one of the original members.

Now back to our story.

The last time we saw Fury in the MCU it was revealed that he had been replaced by a Skrull, a shapeshifting alien race. In the Marvel comic series, Teddy is a Super-Skrull and the child of Princess Anelle and Mar-Vell. Hulking helping Nick Fury escape the Skrull spaceship seems like the perfect way to introduce the character in the MCU. A Nick Fury and Hulking series where they both return to earth to warn others about the Skrull invasion could also be the best set up for the Secret Invasion series the studio is allegedly developing for Disney+.

This is us just speculating but there’s a chance that Marvel and Disney could take this route if they planning a Secret Invasion series. What do you think is the best possible way Marvel can introduce Hulking, the Young Avengers and set up Secret Invasion?

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