Doctor Strange 2 finds writer, the sequel may start filming in 2020.

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Doctor Strange 2 to start filming in 2020.

Doctor Strange 2 might start filming in 2020 actor Benedict Wong, as confirmed. The actor who played Wong in the first Doctor Strange film, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, made the reveal while speaking at Denver Pop Culture Con over the weekend.

“I know they’ve now got a writer on board who I met at the Endgame premiere. So I think that may be happening some time next year,” Wong revealed when asked about Doctor Strange 2 progress.

So far all know about Doctor Strange is that Derrickson will returning to direct the sequel, with Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, and Wong returning to reprising their roles. The first Doctor Strange movie was released in 2016 and grossed over $677 million worldwide.

Doctor Stephen Strange was created by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee, the Sorcerer Supreme made his first debut in Strange Tales #110 (July 1963). Strange was created during the Silver Age of Comic Books to bring a different kind of character and themes of mysticism to Marvel Comics.

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Doctor Strange 2 finds writer, the sequel may start filming in 2020. 10