Ultraman Z series adds model Hikari Kuroki.

Tsuburaya has announced that Japanese actress and model Hikari Kuroki has joined the cast of the Ultraman Z TV series. Kuroki will portray the team STORAGE maintenance member Yuka Oota.

Yuka will be in charge of making sure that STORAGE robots are in good fighting condition. Her fascination with the Kaiju is the reason she joined the Anti-Monster Robot Unit STORAGE. The actress will join Takaya Aoyagi (Captain Shota Hebikura), Rima Matsuda (Yoko Nakashima), and Jun Hashizume (Kojiro Inaba).

The new Ultra hero, Ultraman Z will make his debut in Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax which will premiere on June 20th, 2020. The rookie hero will be mentored by Ultraman Zero.

The newest Ultra Hero is Ultraman Zett, the disciple of Ultraman Zero, who is now celebrating his tenth anniversary! An admirer of Zero, Zett worked hard to become a member of the “Inter-Galactic Defense Force.” With a passion inherited from his teacher Zero, Zett is an Ultraman who always looks forward and forges ahead.

In this series, our protagonist who transforms into Ultraman Zett is Haruki Natsukawa (played by Kohshu Hirano), a member of the anti-monster robot force “STORAGE”. The twenty-fourth* Ultraman TV series Ultraman Z features a story in which Zett and Haruki will grow together. Please look forward to this latest series!

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