Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy will feature different popular Ultramans.

Tsuburaya Productions has unveiled a trailer announcement for their new YouTube exclusive Ultraman mini-series. The new Toku series titled “Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy!” will be released weekly on Youtube in Japanese and English dub. The mini-series will have 10 episodes

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy is set after the Ultraman Taiga movie and before the 1st episode of the Ultraman Z TV series. The series will see the return of Ultraman Zero, Tiga, Titas, Fuma, and Z (Zett), and popular Ultras from different generations and worlds will appear.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Mysterious aliens and evil aliens that shouldn’t exist are attacking!

Zero, Ribut, Taiga, Z (Zett), 80, Max, Mebius, Great, Powered, Grigio, and many more Ultra Heroes must join forces, fight together, and solve this mysterious case, which could end up affecting the whole universe. However, this is only the beginning! A conspiracy is underway – and the threads of it are intersecting. What is the aim of the golden giant working in the shadows?!

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy will debut on YouTube in Winter 2020

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© 2020 Anime Comic Book / All rights reserved.