Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga Official Ultimate Trailer.

The 6 minutes trailer reveals how Kengo Manaka discovered Ultraman Trigger ruins on Mars.

The new Ultraman Trigger: NEW GENERATION TIGA trailer has revealed the main characters of the new Ultra series, including the villains. Tsuburaya Productions posted on the official Ultraman YouTube channel a Six minutes long Ultimate trailer introducing narrated by Sumire Uesaka, the voice of Carmeara in the series.

Ultraman Trigger: NEW GENERATION TIGA promo video introduces us to the titular hero, Kengo Manaka, and how he found the ruins of Ultraman Trigger on Mars. The trailer showcases Trigger weapons and powers. We also get to know Mitsukuni Shizuma and the GUTS Select team, we Ignis revealing his true Alien identity, and a glimpse at Nursedessei and GUTS-Falcon in Action. Additionally, the trailer also features the three Dark Giants who were introduced during the Livestream last week.

ULTRAMAN TRIGGER: NEW GENERATION TIGA, the newest Ultra hero series, will start broadcasting on July 10, 2021.

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