Ultraman Trigger First Scan Teases Ultra Hero Design.

Trigger’s design is similar to Ultraman Tiga’s but more sleek and polished.

The newest scan batch of the latest issue of Televi-Kun has revealed the teaser image of the heroes for the next Ultra Series. The scan gives us a first look at Ultraman Trigger, the protagonist of the new series alongside Ultraman Tiga. We also have a sketch showing both Ultraman Trigger Dark and Trigger. Looks like Ultraman Tiga will also appear in the next Ultra Hero series.

Funny enough, Trigger’s design is similar to Tiga’s but more polished. Like his predecessor, Trigger also has a diamond-shaped Color Timer and a diamond crystal on his head. The only difference is that Trigger’s diamond crystal is glowing. Trigger Dark looks bulky and taller. He seems to have skeleton-like armor with two blades on each of his shoulders. Trigger Dark also has the diamond-shaped Color Timer and a diamond crystal on his head.

Ultraman Trigger official first look will be unveiled on the next issue of Televi-Kun coming this May of 2021. Tsuburaya Productions’ latest merchandise trademark also featured detail for the next Ultraman project.

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