Ultraman: DARKNESS HEELS Manga Series Adaptation Announced – Key Visual & Preview.

DARKNESS HEELS -LILI will feature Various Ultraman villains as Anti-Heroes.

Tsuburaya Productions announced on Sunday a manga series based on DARKNESS HEELS, the stage play featuring various Ultraman villains as Dark Heroes. The manga adaptation “DARKNESS HEELS -LILI-“will be serialized monthly on Comic Walker from Friday, April 23. The series will feature Ultraman villains Ultraman Belial, Camilla, Evil Tiga, Dark Zagi, and Jagras Juggler.

Shiro Tsunashima will be the mangaka behind the Ultraman manga series. The manga first chapter will have 50 pages. The series will have 25 chapters updated every month. In addition, the production company also released a key visual and preview of the upcoming manga.

The “DARKNESS HEELS” project, which started in 2018, has led to several events being held such as the stage play DARKNESS HEELS~THE LIVE~ and other exhibitions.

On the planet Hus, the nation has been divided between Upper citizens and low-ranking citizens for a long time
, but the conflict has intensified with the advent of the weapon called Battlenizer in recent years.
Lili, an upper-class citizen, is a girl who, as a mob suppression unit, confronts the lower class while questioning her mission. During her mission, she recklessly jumps in alone to save the little girl from the monster called by the Battlenizer. At that time, a mysterious black man appears between her and the monster …

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