Tony Stark comes back from the dead with new armor in Iron Man 2020.

Marvel Comics’ May solicitations have revealed that Tony Stark be resurrected from the dead in Iron Man 2020 #5 slated for release on May 13. Additionally, Tony will come back from the dead with a brand new Iron Man suit.

Tony Stark is back! But is this the REAL Tony? How is that possible?! Where did that all-new armor come from?! WHAT’S GOING ON?!
There’s no time to explain, human. Just know this: It’s STARK VS. STARK ROUND 2, as Tony takes on Arno…in SPACE!

It was revealed in “Ultron Agenda” storyline in 2019 that Tony Stark died in Civil War II and an A.I. version himself as been acting like Iron Man ever since leaving Arno Stark to take up the role of Iron Man in the December issue of Iron Man #19.

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