Toei unveiled during a press conference the staff, cast, and trailer for Kamen Rider Saber, the new Kamen Rider series. Takayuki Shibasaki will direct the series with Takuro Fukuda (Kamen Rider Ghost) as the show’s main writer. The show opening theme song will be performed by the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra with an unannounced musical guest. The series will also feature an ENDING theme- which you can see a preview below.

Toei also revealed at the conference that Kamen Rider Saber will start with a total of five Riders, however, this series may have over ten Riders. Kamen Rider Saber is the second Kamen Rider show of the Reiwa Era following Kamen Rider Zero-One. Toei filed for the trademark on May 29th with the Japanese Patent Office under trademark number 2020-66754.

Kamen Rider Saber

Kamen Rider Saber cast:

  • Kamen Rider Saber’s true name is Touma Kamiyama (played by new actor Shuichiro Naito), a novelist and owner of the Fantastic Kamiyama Bookstore. An encounter with the Sword Of Fire Rekka grants him the power of Kamen Rider Saber.
  • Secondary Rider is Kamen Rider Blades (not “Blaze” as previously translated) also known as Rintaro Shindo (played by Takaya Yamaguchi)- he wields the Sword of Water Nagare and is very dedicated to rules and order.
  • The third is Kamen Rider Espada! This Rider features white and yellow armor; his signature element is lightning powered by the Sword of Lightning Ikazuchi. Espada’s real name is Kento Fukamiya (portrayed by Ryo Aoki); he and Saber are childhood friends.
  • The fourth Rider is Kamen Rider Kenzan! Kenzan is a green Rider who uses the Sword of Wind Hayate for powerful cyclone attacks. Kenzans’ civilian identity is Ren Akamichi (played by Eiji Togashi); he is described as a man with high self-esteem who views Saber as a rival.
  • The fifth Rider is Kamen Rider Caliber! This is the only Rider whose real face & identity remain unrevealed; Caliber is a traitor to the Sword of Logos and now works with Megiddo to gain the power of The Book for himself. Caliber works alongside the Megiddo enforcer Storius– creator of the Alter Book that he plans to use to rewrite history.


Kamen Rider Saber features a world based on fairy tales & fantasy adventures colliding with our own, centered over conflict with The Book– a legendary artifact that contains unparalleled powers and secrets. In ancient times, a sinister group known as Megiddo came forth to take The Book for themselves- as a result of the conflict, chapters of The Book were scattered across the world (becoming the WonderRide Books seen in toy listings). A collection of heroes known as the Sword Of Logos unites to fight the evildoers and reclaim The Book. The battles between both groups will throw the world into chaos- with people and places vanishing between worlds.

Source: Tokunation

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© 2020 Anime Comic Book / All rights reserved.