The Snake: Become Human Donghua Film English-Sub Trailer Released.

The Snake: Become Human animated film will premiere in China in 2021.

The Snake: Become Human (Bai Su Zhen) has released a new trailer with English subtitles. The animated film is based on the traditional Chinese fable Legend of the White Snake (Madame White Snake) one of China’s Four Great Folktales.

The Snake: Become Human – first trailer full (dual sub) from r/Donghua

The film coincidentally sounds like a sequel to The white snake: The origin animation fantasy film released in 2019 and seems to pick up were the film left off.

“Disney has lots of princesses in their animation films. I think we should have our own princesses as well. The White Snake, better known as Bai Suzhen, is a princess in my heart,” A Du, the film director said. “In this film, I’m trying to tell the story of how Bai Suzhen transforms from a spirit to a human being and finally becomes a deity. In the ancient legend, the story happened mostly in Hangzhou and that’s also why plenty of the scene designs in the film mimic the landscape in Hangzhou.”

The Snake: Become Human will premiere in China in 2021.

The Snake: Become Human concept trailer from r/Donghua

In return for being saved by Xu Xian a thousand years ago, Bai Suzhen waited until he reincarnated and married him, living out their days in peace. Yet an old demon sought revenge for a millennium-old feud and kept on stirring up trouble, poisoning the common good. Due to the differences between humans and demons, as well as interference from demons, Bai Suzhen finally left Xu Xian. With the old demon’s plan succeeding, and preparations in place to attack Hangzhou, Bai Suzhen hurries back to save the people after hearing the news. Unfortunately, Bai Suzhen lost her powers and is defeated, and Xu Xian tragically dies rescuing her. Bai Suzhen is overtaken by grief and her tears move all the spirits of West Lake, the spirits empower Bai Suzhen, and she ultimately defeats the old demon. For the sake of bringing Xu Xian back to life, Bai Suzhen agrees to the Heavenly Court that she’ll train in the Leifeng Pagoda to accumulate dharma for the people

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