The King’s Avatar Season 2 New Team Visuals Unveiled.

While we are waiting for the release date of the 2nd season of The King’s Avatar (Quánzhí Gāoshǒu) to be announced, new visuals for the series’ new characters have been unveiled. Judging by the colors of the screenshot, one can deduct that these are members of different Esport teams who will be introduced in The King’s Avatar Season 2.

The King’s Avatar Season 2 was scheduled for 2019 released but it has been pushed back to 2020. The first season of the series aired back in 2017. Chinese internet company Tencent released a 3-episode sequel premiered in 2018. A prequel film, titled Quan Zhi Gao Shou: For the Glory, was planned for a 2019 release. The series depicted the fictional esports scene in China where the story revolves around a group of friends and their MMO adventures.

The King’s Avatar is based on the light novel of the same name written by Wang Dong, better known as Hudie Lan (Butterfly orchid). Lan launched the series in, the Chinese novel-hosting website.

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