The King of Fighters: Awaken Anime Film Will Get A Worldwide Release.

The King of Fighters: Awaken is currently scheduled for release in China for 2022.

SNK has revealed that the newly announced King of Fighters film will release simultaneously worldwide when it released. The King of Fighters: Awaken, the Chinese anime CG movie based on its iconic The King of Fighters video game franchise will cover The King of Fighters’ “Orochi Saga” storyline.

SNK previously release trailer which teased Kyo Kusanagi perishing in the hands of Goenitz while trying to stop the King of Fighters ’96 boss from freeing the demon Orochi from its “Yata Mirror” prison.


The King of Fighters: Awaken is produced by Joy Pictures, Original Force, and iDragon Creative Studio. The King of Fighters’ “Orochi Saga” storyline that runs from KoF ’95 to KoF ’97 of the video game. The movie is a continuation of the 2017 CGI Animated Series, THE KING OF FIGHTERS: DESTINY.

The full-length animated film is currently scheduled for release in China for 2022.

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