The Fate of Arad Chinese anime 2nd season trailer released.

BiliBili began streaming a promo video for The Fate of Arad (Arad: Shukumei no Mon, Arad: The Gate of Destiny) Chinese anime second season. The second season of Arad: Shukumei donghua will be animated by Tencent. Additionally, the promo video features the version of the characters in the video games and anime versions.

The Fate of Arad first season aired from April 28, 2017, to Sep 1, 2017. The series was directed by Hosoda Masahiro with a storyboard from Ooba Hideaki and Nagahama Norihiko. The anime opening theme “keep on fighting” was performed by Inory. The ending theme song “Liming de Chibang” by Zhou Shen.

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The anime was a collaboration between Tohokushinsha Film Corporation, Tencent Animation & Comics, and Tencent Games. The Fate of Arad anime second season will be released in Summer 2020.