Star Wars: Haikyū!! Creator To Launch Princess Leia Manga.

The LINE Manga announced on Thursday that Haikyū!! Manga series creator ,Haruichi Furudate, will launch a Star Wars manga based on Princess Leia. The manga series titled Star Wars: Leia Ōjo no Shiren (Princess Test) will begin serialization Star Wars Day May 4, 2019.


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The story centers on 16-year-old Leia Organa as she faces a mandatory test in preparation for becoming queen of Alderaan. Leia is busy with her studies of various topics such as politics and martial arts. She falls in love with the intellectual and kindhearted fellow Alderaanian Kia, whom she meets at youth parliament.

Meanwhile, Leia is fearful of the expansion of the Empire’s tyrannical rule, and she learns the important secret of her parents.

Haruichi has also worked on a Doctor Strange manga , Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool. Princess Leia is being portrayed by the late Carrie Fisherin the Star Wars franchise films. She was first Introduced in the original Star Wars film in 1977.

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