Star Trek 4 may look to hire a new director if Paramount and Noah Hawley fail to see eye-to-eye over creative differences. A source allegedly tells WGTC that Hawley wants an entirely new story with new actors, however, Paramount wants the original cast to return for the fourth installment of the Star Trek movie. However, the source says both sides are looking agreement or compromise.

The director recently revealed to Hollywood Reporter that there’s a chance Star Trek 4 will feature completely new characters and cast.

“It’s early days. I don’t know. But new characters often involve new cast.”

The director also told Deadline that he has his own take on Star Trek and going back to what he loved about the series Next Generation. He also added that he will be respectful of the underlying material.

Star Trek 4 still has no release date yet.

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© 2020 Anime Comic Book / All rights reserved.