SSSS.Gridman Anime Series Key VIsual And Teaser Trailer Revealed.

The official website and Twitter account for SSSS.Gridman, the new anime TV show based on Tsuburaya Productions‘ TV series Denkou Choujin Gridman, revealed on Saturday the anime series first teaser trailer and key visual. The anime show which is schedule to premiere in the autumn of 2018, was first announced at Tokyo Comic Con on Saturday as well.

Akira Amemiya (Inferno Cop, Ninja Slayer) is directing the all-new anime series from a script by Keiichi Hasegawa (Rage of Bahamut Genesis, 009-1: The End of the Beginning). Studio Trigger and Tsuburaya Productions are producing the show. Masayuki Gotou (Baton, Ultraman) is designing character.


The original live-action Denkō Chōjin Gridman was created by Tsuburaya Productions, the producers of Ultraman. The show ran from 1993 to 1994. The series received an animated short Entitled “Denkou Choujin Gridman: boys invent great hero,” directed by Akira Amemiya and produced by Studio Trigger for the Japan Animator Expo.

Three computer-savvy kids, Naoto, Yuka and Ippei create their own videogame super-hero, but then discover it possessed by an inter-dimensional police officer, Gridman. Pursuing an evil program called Kahn Digifer, he merges with Naoto and fights Kahn Digifer’s digitized monsters (created by social misfit Takeshi) in order to prevent the computerized demon from wreaking havoc on the Human World.

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