Amazon Japan Reveals The SS Movie 1 Megatron Figure.

The SS Movie 1 Megatron action figure by Takara Tomy is from the first Transformers movie and is an original Japan toy line.

Amazon Japan has revealed preorders for the SS Movie 1 Megatron. The Megatron figure seems to be similar to the original figure, however doesn’t look like a premium finish as other toys in this line. SS Movie 1 Megatron is from the first movie “Transformers” and transforms into an alien jet. The action figure design reproduces the colors and textures that match the image, making it fun to reproduce movie scenes.

The figure is from the new Japanese “Premium Finish” original toy line. The figure is from the popular studio series and WFC series and finished with original coloring/weathering paint to make it similar to the Hollywood live-action movies and NETFLIX CG animation works.

SS Movie Megatron has one body and weapon. The toy by Takara Tomy will be released on December 29, 2021, and will cost close to $60.

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