Spider-Woman: Sony wants Tomb Rider actress as the lead.

Sony Pictures is reportedly working on a Spider-Woman which will serve as the bridge between Morbius and Venom. According to The Illuminerdi, the studio is in talks with Michelle MacLaren (Westworld, Game of Thrones) to direct the with Alicia Vikander being eyed for the titular role. Additionally, the film will allegedly feature Jessica Drew‘s incarnation of the character.

The film will center on Jessica Drew, a young woman who decades ago grew deathly ill after months of exposure to the uranium being used in her father’s scientific experiments. He was forced to use an experimental medicine, which was based on the biology of an irradiated spider, to save her. She was sealed away in a genetic accelerator in an attempt to amplify the effects of the serum. Jessica wakes decades later, having not aged much in that time. She also gains a set of powers, along with no memory of who she was in the past.

Created by Archie Goodwin and Marie Severin, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) made her first debut in Marvel Spotlight #32 in February 1977. She became a member of the New Avengers In 2009.

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