Back in May, Paramount Pictures revealed that a new Transformers live-action movie trilogy will hit theaters on June 24, 2022. According to Daniel Richtman, the first Transformers trilogy movies lead actor, Shia Lebeouf, might be making his return to the franchise. Richtman didn’t reveal any info about Lebeouf’s return, however, he did in a way hint the actor comeback.

LaBeouf’s made three Transformers movie; the first Transformers released in 2007, Revenge of the Fallen (2009), and Dark of the Moon (2011). He starred in the first two with Megan Fox. Fox was fired by Michael Bay before the third movie went into production. Shia LeBeouf revealed in 2018 that he doesn’t feel the movies will stand the test of time, and they were the opposite of the sort of work he should be doing at the time.

My hang-up with those films was that they felt irrelevant. They felt dated as fuck… You come up on these stories about Easy Rider and Raging Bull and De Niro and Scorsese and Hopper, and you find value in what they do. Meanwhile, you’re chasing energon crystals. It’s very hard to keep doing what you’re doing when you feel like it’s the antithesis of your purpose on this planet.

Transformers: Shia Lebeouf May Be Returning To The Franchise.

Shia Transformers movies were followed by Age of Extinction (2014), and The Last Knight (2017), as well as a spin-off and prequel titled Bumblebee in 2018. Paramount Pictures is developing the two new live-action Transformers movies with James Vanderbilt and Joby Harold. Vanderbilt was said to write scripts for the Transformer movie based on the Beast Wars: Transformers animated series. Meanwhile, Harold writing scripts for a movie based in the Bumblebee universe. Paramount Pictures has confirmed the first live-action Transformers movie will hit theaters on June 24, 2022. However, Paramount didn’t reveal which movie will be released on the scheduled released date.

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