The Falcon And Winter Soldier Figure Reveals Sam Wilson’s Captain America Costume.

Anthony Mackie wear a comic book accurate Captain America costume.

The latest Marvel Acton figure has given us a first look at Anthony Mackie (Falcon) Captain America suit in The Falcon And Winter Soldier series. The figure spotted at the official Disney store at taoba, for the new Shop Disney Marvel Select 7″ exclusive figures. Judging by the design, Falcon’s costume will be similar to the first suit Sam Wilson wore when he replaced Steve Rogers as Captain America. The costume incorporates some MCU elements with the Captain America shield having the MCU markings on it as pointed out by Marvelous News.

The Falcon figure will cost $45. It will include the shield, removable wings and pack as well as multiple hands. However, the revealed seemed to be a mistake by the store since they have taken down the figure page.

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