Sae Miyazawa To Reprise Her As Sawa Kaizaki in Ultraman Decker!

Tsuburaya Production official website has announced that Sae Miyazawa reprise her role as “Sawa” in ULTRAMAN DECKER  after ten years. Sae was featured as Sawa in 2012’s feature film Ultraman Saga,  as part of a combat squad member of the Earth Defense Force Team U. She will return as Sawa Kaizaki, the Vice-Captain of the newly reformed GUTS-Select, who is also the Operator of the Nursedessei, the anti-monster battleship used by the anti-Sphere unit.

Sawa Kaizaki (29)

The vice-captain of expert team GUTS-Select, she is a dependable, older sister-like figure to the Team’s new members Kanata, Ichika, and Ryumon who, in contrast to the mild-mannered Captain, commands them with stern words.Although she is the pilot and operator of the Nursedessei,the Team’s mobile mothership and anti-monster battleship, she is actually a leading authority on monsters, holding a doctorate in biology.

ULTRAMAN DECKER series will start broadcast July 9th (Saturday) 2022.