He will also cameos in 5-6 other future DC films.

Looks like Warner Bros. has agreed with fans that it will be insane to replace Henry Cavill with a new actor for the role of Superman. Back in May, it was reported that Cavill had signed a new contract with the studio to reprise his Superman role in future DC Comics live-action adaptation films. ComicBook reported that the British actor deal meants he will star in future films as a supporting role and will make cameo appearances in solo films by other heroes.

Now The Cultured Nerd is reporting that Cavill has signed a deal which includes three solo movie that he pitched and cameos in 5-6 other future DC films. The site alleged that Cavill’s “pitch was widely praised and has led to the official confirmation of his new contract for more appearances as Superman“.

We will advise you to take the new with a grain of salt, however, this wouldn’t be a surprise. The actor revealed during an interview that he’d love to see Superman’s For Tomorrow storyline on the big screen. It was also reported that Warner Bros. wants Snyder to include material into the Snyder Cut of the Justice League that will set up Man of Steel 2 and Justice League 2.

So maybe we are getting a Man of Steel sequel and a Superman’s For Tomorrow movie?

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© 2020 Anime Comic Book / All rights reserved.