Power Rangers Dino Fury to become a Netflix exclusive for Season 2.

Power Rangers Dino Fury season 1 first half will start streaming on Netflix including three brand-new episodes.

Looks like Netflix will become the new home of the Power Rangers franchise. Power Rangers Dino Fury actor Chance Perez revealed during an interview with iHeart Radio that the show will be moving to Netflix for season 2. This means the series won’t be airing on Nickelodeon and will become a Netflix exclusive.

Power Rangers Dino Fury season 1 first half will start streaming on Netflix on June 15th including episodes 9, 10, and 11. The three brand-new episodes will be available for the first time on Netflix on June 15th. Dino Fury is the first Power Ranger series to have two black actors being the team leaders in the new series.

Power Rangers Dino Fury sis based on the Super Sentai series Kishiryu Sentai RyuSoulger, the 43rd Sentai team. The RyuSoulger aired from March 17, 2019, to March 1, 2020, succeeding Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger and following the four weeks special Super Sentai Strongest Battle. The show is the fourth Super Sentai series to use the Dino theme and the first to use the knights’ theme. Kishiryu Sentai RyuSoulger is considered to be the final Heisei era series, although the series primarily aired in the Reiwa era.

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