The Pokemon official Twitter announced on Wednesday morning that the company is developing a Detective Pikachu game for Nintendo Switch. The game details were not made available at the time of the announcement. However, the company said the game ending will be different from the movie.

Detective Pikachu is a spin-off in the Pokémon franchise, in which players work with a talking Pikachu to solve mysteries. The game was released on the Nintendo eShop in Japan on February 3, 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS .

A live-action adaptation starring Ryan Reynolds was released in May 2019. The film is directed by Rob Letterman ( Goosebumps), with a script by Nicole Perlman (Captain Marvel) and Alex Hirsch (Galaxy Falls).

An action-adventure title, Detective Pikachu finds the hero of the title – a unique Pikachu in the Pokémon world – partnering with Tim Goodman and searching for evidence and clues to solve a series of cases, whilst also investigating the disappearance of Tim’s father, Harry Goodman.

When he arrives in Ryme City looking for his missing father, little does Tim know he would meet a Pikachu, but more amazingly a Pikachu who he could communicate with. There’s more to this Pikachu than a detective hat – he’s one lovably gruff, tough-talking sleuth, with a taste for good coffee.

This Pikachu claims that he worked with Tim’s father, and the two pair up to discover his whereabouts. Together, Tim and Detective Pikachu will encounter a number of mysteries in Ryme City and will need to talk to witnesses and gather their testimony in order to discover the truth. Cases that would be impossible for Tim to solve alone can be cracked with the help of this Pikachu, because he is able to obtain vital clues and information from other Pokémon.

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© 2020 Anime Comic Book / All rights reserved.