Persona series website Teases New Persona Protagonist.

The new secret design for the Persona 25th Anniversary Year could be of the Persona 6 protagonist, big announcements comng this September.

The latest update from the Persona game official website may have teased a Persona 6 game protagonist. The franchise updated its website today with a new art of the protagonists throughout the series to commemorate Persona’s 25th Anniversary. What caught fans’ attention is the inclusion of a “secret” design in a visual featuring the game’s previous main characters, which could be of the P6 protagonist – See below.

September 2021 throughout Autumn 2022 will be considered the “Persona 25th Anniversary Year,” so the franchise has revealed that they have many announcements in stock for fans during the anniversary. They also released a statement expressing their gratitude towards fans.

In 2021, the “Persona” series exceeded the cumulative worldwide sales of 15 million units.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude and gratitude to all those who have watched over and supported us for a long time. And in September, the “Persona” series will finally celebrate its 25th anniversary.
With gratitude to all of you, we are preparing a lot of fun as PERSONA 25th Anniversary YEAR for about one year from September 2021 this year to autumn 2022 next year. We will announce various Anniversaries such as 25th commemorative goods, various events, collaborations, and of course game information. Please look forward to it.

The latest installment of the role-playing video game is Persona 5, and it was released in 2016.

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