New Ultraman Trigger Trademark Detail Series Monsters & Team Gears.

Trigger Dark will be Ultraman Trigger rival in the new Ultra series.

Tsuburaya Productions’ latest merchandise trademark has revealed more detail for the next Ultraman project. The recent trademark is believed to be related to Ultraman Trigger. Tsuburaya also registered a trademark for Trigger Dark, Trigger’s rival in the ultra series.

Ultraman Trigger gears.

  • GUTS-SELECT – Possible new monster attack team which is connected to TPC’s GUTS and SUPER GUTS.
  • GUTS Falcon – Possible fighter vehicle for GUTS-SELECT.
  • GUTS Spark Lens – Are GUTS creating a new Ultraman after Terranoid’s failure? This seems like the Henshin Item of Ultraman Trigger.
  • GUTS Hyper Keycould be used with GUTS Spark Lens to transform into different forms.

Ultraman Trigger new monsters.

  • OkaGubila – Enhanced version of Gubila? 2. Goruba – Combination of Golza & Melba? 3. Circle Arms 4. Satan Deros
  • Desudorago
  • Nurse Dessey-gou – Combination of Ultraseven’s Kaiju Nurse & GUTS Mecha – Artdessey-gou?. Seems like GUTS is taking in the Alien Robot technology just like Ultraman Z’s STORAGE.
  • Karumira – Something to do with Camearra?
  • Daagon – Something to do with Darramb?
  • Hyudoramu – Something to do with Hyudra?
  • Metron Seijin Maruuru

The series began filming in January. Ultraman Trigger will be the 33rd Ultra series of the tokusatsu franchise. It will replace Ultraman Z.

Source: Nihonhero

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