New Rider and Mysterious Arrive In The Next Chapter Of Kamen Rider Saber.

The Blue Lion rider introduces Saber to a mysterious in episode 2 images.

Kamen Rider Saber Chapter 1: In The Beginning, There Was a Flame Swordsman saw Touma awakens the power of the red Dragon’s SEIKEN SWORDRIVER become the Swordsman of Fire. According to the images from Chapter 2, Kamen Rider Blades will take center stage when he debuts. The stills also show Blades introducing Touma to a mysterious girl. Could she be another rider?

Rintaro Shindo, also known as Kamen Rider Blades, wields the Sword of Water Nagare and is very dedicated to rules and order. He’s also the rider of the Blue Lion. The character is portrayed by the Japanese actor, Takaya Yamaguchi.

Episode 02 “The swordsman of the torrents who rides a blue lion” 9/23/20

“​Entrusted with the powers of the Sword of Flames, Touma Kamiyama has saved the city from a dreadful incident! But the mysteries surrounding the sword, the books, and this strange new world only deepened! Soon, Rintaro Shindo appears before Touma, acting as a swordsman from the Sword of Logos organization, who have been protecting these “books imbued with power” since ancient times! After taking him to the Northern Base of their organization, he starts to reveal some unbelievable facts to Touma!

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