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Moon Knight is expected to start shooting in the UK.

Marvel Studios’ new casting call for Moon Knight suggesting that the series will feature Frenchie and Marlene Alraune. Marc Spector’s Partner and love interest in the comics, respectively.

The first casting is for Frenchie, real name Jean-Paul DuChamp. He’s the pilot of the Moon-Chopper and the last Bloodline of the Knights Templar. He has the ability to transform into a healthy and mobile duplicate of his ancestors, with their memory and identities intact.

20-40 (years old), White male. A stereotypical good looking, overly enthusiastic, less intelligent than average but still lovable. The actor must be fluent in French.

The second casting is for Marlene Alraune. She is both Spector’s love interest and personal secretary when he began using his Steven Grant persona. She also participated in Moon Knight’s crime-fighting missions as an undercover agent.

20-35 (years old), all ethnicities, female. A manipulative operative in a secret organization, capable of going from cool and tough to warm and friendly in a heartbeat.

Created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, Moon Knight (Marc Spector) first appeared in Werewolf by Night #32 (August 1975) as a villain. He was later reintroduced as a hero in Spectacular Spider-Man #22 and #23 (September/October 1978). Moon Knight was also a member of the Defenders for a brief period. A former boxer and U.S. Marine, he gained his superpowers after becoming the avatar of the Egyptian god, Khonshu.

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