Mashin Sentai Kirameiger 2020 Suit info revealed.

Since announced, Mashin Sentai Kirameiger has been the talk of the town in the Super Sentai and Tokusatsu community in general. Now with only six days left before we get our big reveal, it has been confirmed that the Green and Pink Rangers will be female.

A user at Ranger Board allegedly talked with a Toku fan who was an extra of Kirameiger filming as confirmed that the Green and Pink Sentai Kirameiger are female. The fan also revealed that the Red Kirameiger is a student. Not sure if the whole team will consists of students. In addition, he also revealed a few details about their suit. According to the fan, the suit is a normal style of sentai form but with a very cool helmet. The team brace changer is also quite big.

Mashin Sentai Kirameiger will have five team members composing of three guys and two girls. There are also speculations that the team could have a female leader and a male yellow Ranger. In addition, The enemies mecha will be called KirameiKiller. Kirameiger suits are Denjiman-like, with more gems on the head and hands. Mecha is very “realistic” kind of like Boukenger. The weaponry resembles Flashman.”

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger will apparently end its run in February, with  Mashin Sentai Kirameiger airing on January 3rd, 2020. The new team will be revealed in the January 2020 issue of Televi-Kun coming December 26. However, We usually get early scans a few days prior. Yatsude Saburo is credited for the show’s original work. Takemoto Noboru is the director, and Koumura Junko is the screenwriter. Nakagawa Koutarou is in charge of the music composition and Fukuzawa Hirofumi is the action director. Hida Hiroshi is the series’ SFX director.

The new Super Sentai (Power Ranger) show will allegedly feature demons/magic and machines. Mashin Sentai Kirameiger is the 44th season of Super Sentai and will succeed in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. The Tokusatsu series will debut in 2020. It is also the first Super Sentai show in the Reiwa era in Japan.

The Super Sentai series was created by manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori. The first Super Sentai Series titled “Himitsu Sentai Gorenger” aired in Japan from 1975 to 1977. The second series J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai was released in 1977.