Masashi Kishimoto Illustrates Dragon Ball Volume 11 Cover.

Kishimoto illustration is part of the DRAGON BALL Super Gallery Project which will commemorate the franchise 40th anniversary.

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New illustration of DRAGON BALL Volume 11 by Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto has been released. The illustration is part of the DRAGON BALL Super Gallery Project. The project will commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the franchise. The gallery project will be released in Saikyo Jump, will see different manga author redesign one of the 42 covers of the series every month until November 2024.

The project will continue monthly for 3 years until the 40th Anniversary of DRAGON BALL. According to WSJ Manga, DRAGON BALL Super Gallery Project will launch in the upcoming September issue of Saikyo Jump. The issue will be released on August 4th.


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