Lady and the Tramp: Janelle Monáe New Track to Replace Original Racist Song in The Film.

Entertainment Weekly reporting that Janelle Monáe will write an original Lady and the Tramp track to replace the controversial number “The Siamese Cat Song” from the 1955 original film. Monáe, who will replace Peggy Lee as the voice of Peg in the upcoming Disney+ live-action movie adaptation of the animated feature film, will cover Lee’s original “He’s a Tramp,” and write a new song which will completely replace the depicting Asian stereotypes.


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Walt Disney released Lady and the Tramp in 1955, it was the first animated feature filmed in the CinemaScope widescreen. The film is based on “Happy Dan, The Cynical Dog,” by Ward Greene.

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Directed by Charlie Bean from a screenplay by Andrew Bujalski, the film features Ashley Jensen as Jackie, Justin Theroux as Tramp, Sam Elliot as Trusty,Kiersey Clemons entered as Darling, Lady’s owner.Tessa Thompson as Lady, Benedict Wong as Bull, Thomas Mann as Jim Dear, Yvette Nicole Brown as Aunt Sarah, Adrian Martinez as the dog-catcher Elliot, Arturo Castro as Marco and Janelle Monáe as Peg. The film will be released on Disney Plus on November 12, 2019.