Kikai Sentai Zenkai new Super Zenkaiser, Super Twokaiser power-ups, and Mecha revealed.

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Low-Res scans from the latest issues of Televi-Kun and Televi Magazine have revealed more details about the latest power-ups for the Kikai Sentai Zenkai team. Zenkaiser and Twokaiser will acquire the Zenkaizyu Gear, a new item that will allow him to transform into Super Zenkaiser and Super Twokaiser. Super Zenkaizer is Dragon Caesar motif from Zyuranger and Super Twokaizer’s is V-Rex motif from Timeranger.

Super Twokaizer will able to transform into a black-colored SD Robo like Ricky & Cutanner called Super Twokai Robo SD by using the Zenkai Juu Gear. When combined with Super Zenkai, Super Twokai Robo SD will form Zenkai Juu-Oh.


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