Kamen Rider Zero-One will return from hiatus this June. According to a new scan of the TV program guide find by Jefuson, Superhero Time 2020 will Resume broadcasting this June with the Tokusatsu. The show went on hiatus due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and the extended state of emergency in Japan. TV-Asahi released the 2-part Kamen Rider Zero-One President Special followed by a Shooting Special shot from Kamen Rider Vulcan’s point of view. The series premiered May 17-24. The alternative episodes aired for three weeks recapping past episodes told in Hiden Aruto’s perspective plus a look at the long-haired Izu.

The Tokusatsu series will broadcast new episodes as the Japanese government is planning to remove the emergency in Tokyo and its neighboring prefectures.

Zero-One began airing on September 1. The show is the 30th series in the Kamen Rider franchise. Zero-One is the first Rider series starting in the Reiwa Era of Japan, under Emperor Naruhito, joining Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger in the Super Hero Time 2020. Zero-One replaced Kamen Rider Zi-O after the series ended in August 2019. Ryusoulger concluded on March 1, 2020, and was replaced in the Super Hero Time by Mashin Sentai Kiramager on March 8, 2020.

T.M. Revolution and bassist J from rock band Luna Sea performed the opening theme song for the show. Kamen Rider Zero-One’s OP is titled “REAL×EYEZ” and pronounced the same as “Realize”. The character has appeared in Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation (Kamen Raidā Reiwa Za Fāsuto Jenerēshon) movie and Kamen Rider Zero-One: The Movie (Gekijō-ban Kamen Raidā Zerowan).

Kamen Rider Zero-One Resume This June.


  • Aruto Hiden : Fumiya Takahashi
  • Isamu Fuwa : Ryutaro Okada
  • Izu : Noa Tsurushima
  • Yua Yaiba : Hiroe Igeta
  • Jin : Daisuke Nakagawa
  • Horobi : Shuya Sunagawa
  • Jun Fukuzoe : Kazuya Kojima
  • Shester : Asumi Narita
  • Sanzo Yamashita : Arata Saeki
  • Zat (Zatto, Voice): Noriko Hidaka (Hidaka Noriko)
  • Hiden Zero-One Driver: Maynard Plant (Meinādo Puranto, MONKEY MAJIK), Blaise Plant (Bureizu Puranto, MONKEY MAJIK)
  • Narration: Kōichi Yamadera

Suit Actors:

  • Kamen Rider Zero-One: Yuya Nawata 
  • Kamen Rider Vulcan: Kosuke Asai 
  • Kamen Rider Valkyrie: Satoshi Fujita 
  • Kamen Rider Jin, Kamen Rider Thouser: Eitoku 
  • Kamen Rider Ikazuchi, Kamen Rider Jin Burning Falcon: Hajime Kanzaki
  • Kamen Rider Horobi: Seiji Takaiwa
  • Kamen Rider Thouser: Yuji Nakata 

Kamen Rider Zero-One plot:

Japan has entered a new era. Hiden Intelligence, the leading company in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) has developed a way to utilize these A.Is in human form, known as HumaGear. They’re no different from humans and have become a staple in both public and private life. However a terrorist organization known as “MetsubouJinrai.NET” has hacked into several of these HumaGears and turned them against society for the sake of eliminating humanity. In an effort to combat this, the government has established the Artificial Intelligence Military Squad, or A.I.M.S., to destroy these sabotaged HumaGears.

Meanwhile, a failed stage comedian named Aruto Hiden has suddenly been appointed the chairman of Hiden Intelligence after his grandfather’s death. Although he was initially uninterested, he witnessed firsthand of the terrorist attacks by “MetsubouJinrai.NET” and decided to fight as Kamen Rider Zero-One for the sake of keeping up appearances as chairman. From here on out, an explosive war has been ignited between Aruto, MetsubouJinrai.NET, and A.I.M.S.

Super Hero Time 2020 is a programming block on the Japanese television network TV Asahi. The program is known for broadcasting new episodes of tokusatsu television series from the Super Sentai and Kamen Rider Series. Super Hero Time airs every Sunday morning, from 9:00 to 10:00 JST. The block is shown all over Japan via the All-Nippon News Network. Though, in other prefectures, one or both shows can be seen on other stations that are not affiliated with ANN.

Kamen Rider was created by manga created Shotaro Ishinomori, the series began in 1971. Ishinomori is also the creator of Super Sentai (Power Rangers).

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