TAKAHIRO will choreograph Kamen Rider Saber's ending dance for the main casts in the series.

It was announced during a live television show in Japan that Kamen Rider Saber’s opening theme song will be titled “ALMIGHTY ~ Kamen no Yakusoku” (The Masked Promise). The song will collaboration between Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and Yoohei Kawakami from the band ALEXANDROS. Kawakami was introduced as the unnamed performer first teased during Saber’s live event announcement.

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and Yoohei Kawakami(front)

In addition, dancer TAKAHIRO will choreograph Kamen Rider Saber’s ending dance for the main casts in the series. He has worked for Japanese idol groups like Nogizaka46 or Hinatazaka46.

Kamen Rider Saber will start with a total of five Riders, however, the series may have over ten Riders. Saber is the second Kamen Rider show of the Reiwa Era following Kamen Rider Zero-One which ended on Sunday, October 30th.

Kamen Rider Saber features a world based on fairy tales & fantasy adventures colliding with our own, centered over conflict with The Book– a legendary artifact that contains unparalleled powers and secrets. In ancient times, a sinister group known as Megiddo came forth to take The Book for themselves- as a result of the conflict, chapters of The Book were scattered across the world (becoming the WonderRide Books seen in toy listings). A collection of heroes known as the Sword Of Logos unites to fight the evildoers and reclaim The Book. The battles between both groups will throw the world into chaos- with people and places vanishing between worlds.

Directed by Takayuki Shibasaki and written by Takuro Fukuda (Kamen Rider Ghost), Kamen Rider Saber will debut September 6th.