Kamen Rider Saber Series Episode 1 Title and Synopsis Revealed.

Toma Kamiyama Nightmare becomes reality in Saber’s first episode.

As we prepare to welcome our Kamen Rider Saber in his adventure as the newest rider hero. We have plot details and title for the first episode of the new Tokusatsu coming this weekend.

Episode 01 “In the beginning, there was a swordsman of flame” 9/6/20

Renowned novelist and owner of the Fantastic Kamiyama Bookstore, Toma Kamiyama wakes up after witnessing the same dream, where Wonder World invades the Real World! There in the midst of a war between several Kamen Riders, Toma is unable to save a little girl who pleads for help, until she was suddenly saved by a swordsman! A Wonder Ride Book was left in Toma’s hands as he wonders “Why do I have this?” “I think I’m forgetting something important… Something I must do.” Toma takes his editor in charge of his latest manuscript, Mei, to present a copy of his book to Ryota when in town for their birthday. Just then, the color of the sky suddenly changes, as a strange thing starts to happen! The world as Toma knows it is about to change right before his very eyes…!

Saber’s opening theme song will be titled “ALMIGHTY ~ Kamen no Yakusoku” (The Masked Promise). It was revealed that the song will be a collaboration between Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and Yoohei Kawakami from the band ALEXANDROS.

Directed by Takayuki Shibasaki and written by Takuro Fukuda (Kamen Rider Ghost), Kamen Rider Saber will debut September 6th.

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