Kamen Rider Saber Leak Reveals Kamen Rider Kenzan Suit Design.

Kamen Rider Kenzan Ren is a righteous and talented swordsman obsessed with strength.

The newest Kamen Rider Saber has revealed the suit design for Kamen Rider Kenzan, the fourth main rider of the show.  Kenzans’ civilian identity is Ren Akamichi and will be portrayed by Eiji Togashi. Toei previously released character info which described Akamich as a man with high self-esteem who views Saber as a rival.

Akamichi also is a member of the Sword of Logos. Kamen Rider Kenzan suit actor is likely to be Satoshi Fujita, the suit actor for Kamen Rider Valkyrie in Kamen Rider Zero-One series.

Kamen Rider Saber will allegedly have 12 riders like  King Arthur‘s knights of the round table.

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