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The new episode will introduce the fourth main Kamen Rider of the series.

 Toei has shared screenshots, a plot summary, and a preview video for Kamen Rider Saber episode 6. The will introduce the new and fourth main rider of the show, Kamen Rider Kenzan.  Kamen Rider EKenzans’ civilian identity is Ren Akamichi and will be portrayed by Eiji Togashi. The summary has revealed that Ren is also Touma’s childhood friend like Kento. Meanwhile, Storius and Dezast make target Touma.


Episode 06 “Like the wind, he arrives” 10/11/20

The swordsman of darkness, Calibur turns out to be Kento’s father! However, Toma is still unaware of this fact! Just then, a new swordsman appears before Toma! Ren Akamichi, a hot-headed individual compared to Toma, is significantly younger than him too! Ren, who seeks out Kento’s recognition, discovers that Toma is his childhood friend and a fierce rivalry then emerges between the two! Meanwhile, Storius and Dezast make their move upon Toma, while Rintaro and Mei encounter Zuos…!