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Kamen Rider Calibur finally makes his move in the next episode.

After the countless teases, Kento Fukamiya will finally transform into the swordsman of the lightning, Kamen Rider Espada. The preview for the 5th episode of Kamen Rider Saber has revealed that Espada will crosswords with Calibur.

Espada is the 3rd Sword of Logos Rider who will accompany Touma in his quest.

Episode 05 “My friend, the swordsman of thunder” 10/05/20

The Swordsman of Darkness, Calibur appears before the other swordsmen! He himself betrayed the Sword of Logos 15 years ago, and triggered a familiar incident of Toma’s! The swordsmen are taken by the sudden appearance of Calibur! Meanwhile, Kento Fukamiya quietly ponders alone… Toma makes his way towards another incident while concerned about Kento’s quiet state… Furthermore, the sudden appearance of Calibur once again triggers something deep within Kento…!