Buster is an old friend of the mysterious Kamen Rider Caliber.

Toei wasn’t kidding when the company revealed that we will get to see most the Rider from the start of Kamen Rider Saber. The promo video for the series 3rd episode title” a father, and a swordsman,” has revealed that fans will be introduced to next Rider, Kamen Rider Buster.

Kamen Rider Buster will be portrayed by actor Yuki Ikushima. The Rider’s true identity is Ryo Onoue. His weapon is known as the Dogouken Gekidou. Buster fought alongside the mysterious Kamen Rider Caliber. Since then, Ryo has focused on raising his young son, Sora. But when Caliber betrays the Sword of Logos Kamen Rider Buster returns to action determined to learn what happened to his friend.

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