A new Kamen Rider visual featuring three series from different Japanese period is being displayed in the Sky Trick museum at the departure terminal 2 of Narita International Airport. The three different Riders generations are Showa (Kamen Rider One/Ichigo), Heisei (Kamen Rider Kuuga) and the Reiwa era (Kamen Ride Zero-One). In addition, the visual will be displayed using “phantom light” technology like the Super Sentai Series.

Kamen Rider Zero-One is the latest installment and the 30th Rider series in the Kamen Rider franchise. Zero-One will be the first Rider series starting in the Reiwa Era of Japan, under Emperor Naruhito. It will replace Kamen Rider Zi-O after the tokusatsu series ends this August.

The franchise was created by Shotaro Ishinomori, the series began in 1971 with the Kamen Rider television series.

Kamen Rider Zero-One will begin to air in September 1, 2019.

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© 2020 Anime Comic Book / All rights reserved.