DC FanDome New Wallpaper hints at Zack Snyder's Cut new title.

New Justice League wallpaper seems to hinted at the titled for the Zack Snyder cut version of the movie. Last month it was revealed at DC FanDome that Snyder’s version of the film will be titled Justice League: The Snyder Cut. It seems like the title has changed again.

When it first announced, Snyder revealed that he wanted the film to be called Zack Snyder’s Justice League. However, it wasn’t possible due to legal problems. The film was then announced as Justice League: The Snyder Cut. However, Warner Bros. may have changed the titled again. New Wallpapers released during DC FanDome yesterday has hinted that the film will be called Justice League Director’s Cut.

Snyder says his cut of the Justice League will officially be four-hour-long, split into four, hour-long parts. The director also stated that there are plans to distribute this version of the Justice League worldwide. Snyder said Darkseid and Cyborg will be the heart of the film. He says Cyborg holds the team together in the movie.

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