Invincible: Amazon 2020 Animated Series First Look.

Invincible scans have revealed the first look at the animated series coming to Amazon Prime. A Leaked scan from Image Comics’ “Free Comic Book Day” was posted online thanks to Twitter user @DavinoDavinoo. The scan gives a first look at the series based on The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s comic book series. The image features a first look Mark Grayson, Amber Bennett, Atom Eve, Omni-Man, and Robot.

Created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Cory Walker and illustrated by artist Ryan Ottley, Invincible, real name Mark Grayson, ) made his first debut in Tech Jacket #1 (November 2002), before getting his own self-titled series in Image’s then-new superhero line in 2003. Invincible (Mark Grayson) is the son of the extraterrestrial superhero of the Viltrumite race name Omni-Man.

Amazon revealed in 2018 that it ordered n eight-episode series for Invincible. Simon Racioppa will serve as showrunner and executive producer alongside Kirkman and David Alpert. The series is schedule for release sometime in 2020.

Invincible cast From Wiki.


  • Debbie Grayson: Mark’s mother, adopted mother of Oliver Grayson.
  • Amber Justine Bennett: Mark’s ex-girlfriend.
  • William Francis Clockwell: Mark’s roommate and best friend.
  • Cecil Stedman: Government liaison and head of the clandestine Global Defense Agency.
  • Donald Ferguson: Cecil’s assistant, Guardians of the Globe contact, and android.
  • Art Rosenbaum: Tailor of superhero costumes and family friend of the Graysons.
  • Rick Sheridan: Mark and William’s classmate at Upstate University, turned into one of the Reanimen.
  • B.N. Winslow: Mark and William’s principal at Reginald Vel Johnson High School, and later dean at Upstate College.


  • Mark Grayson: A 17-year-old high school student who becomes the superhero Invincible.
  • Lord Argall– The former king of the Viltrumites prior to his death and the father of Omni-Man and grandfather of Invincible and Oliver Grayson.
  • Omni-Man: Mark’s father Nolan, formerly the greatest super-hero of Earth.
  • Oliver Grayson: Mark’s alien half-brother. The result of a relationship between Nolan and a member of an alien race who have short life spans, growing at a rapidly increased rate compared to humans, though his father’s DNA is slowing his aging over time. Although his mother is an insect-like humanoid, he resembles a Viltrumite/human with purple skin (later fades to pink). Taking first the sobriquet of Kid Omni-Man and then Young Omni-Man, he attempts to rehabilitate Omni-Man memories in the general public.
  • Terra Grayson– The daughter of Atom Eve and Mark Grayson who would go on to become the third Invincible.
  • Marcus Murphy– Also known as Marky, he is the son of Mark and Anissa after the latter raped the former. He would go to become Kid Invincible.
  • Thaedus– A peaceful member of the Viltrumites killed by Thragg.
  • Atom Eve: Samantha Eve Wilkins, former classmate of Mark’s and member of the Teen Team. Eve was created as a result of a government experiment to create super-beings. Can manipulate all matter, although a mental block has previously stopped her from creating and manipulating living things.
  • Allen the Alien: Previously a Champion Evaluation Officer who worked for the Coalition of Planets. He traveled on a tight schedule and tested the skills of various powered heroes on each planet in order to determine if there is a suitable “champion” to defend that planet. Currently promoted to leader of the Coalition of Planets.
  • The Guardians of the Globe
    • The Immortal: Apparently unkillable leader of the Guardians of the Globe. Currently is married to Dupli-Kate. It’s suggested in flashbacks that one of his past identities was in fact Abraham Lincoln. In the present storyline is alive. Revealed to rule the world in the far future, where he is finally killed by Invincible at his own behest.
    • Black Samson: Lost his powers (and with them, his Guardian status) for a while before recovering them very abruptly.
    • Rex Splode: Former member of the Teen Team and the Guardians of the Globe. Sacrificed himself to kill a hostile alternate-dimension Invincible.
    • Dupli-Kate: Former Member of the Teen Team and the Guardians of the Globe. Creates an army of duplicates of herself.
    • Bulletproof: Initially turned down of membership in the Guardians of the Globe, Bulletproof did later join the team and is currently a member. (In a related note, Bulletproof was one of the proposed names for the title character before the series saw print.)
    • Shrinking Ray: Former member of the Guardians of the Globe, now dead.
    • Monster Girl: A girl who was cursed by a gypsy, now able to turn into a large troll like being with super-strength. A side effect is that with each change into Monster-girl, her normal self becomes younger physically. Her boyfriend, Robot, however found a cure for the curse, allowing her to develop normally.
    • The Shapesmith: A Martian, disguised as human astronaut Rus Livingston, who uses his metamorphic powers to change his shape.
    • Darkwing: Formerly Night Boy, the original Darkwing’s sidekick. He continued Darkwing’s legacy but snapped and started killing criminals until Invincible apprehended him. A reformed Darkwing joined the Guardians of the Globe. He can teleport himself and others via the Shadow-verse using any shadow large enough to envelop him. Dragged by one of the extra-dimensional Invincibles into the Shadow-verse, this new Darkwing is later revealed to be alive and aged from the experience.
  • Fightmaster and Drop Kick: Two time-traveling martial arts masters who stole the Declaration of Independence. From the same era as the future insane Immortal.


  • David Hiles: A weapons engineer for a military sanctioned research firm. His son committed suicide which also resulted in him getting divorced from his wife. He also shortly thereafter lost his job. He joined the staff of “Reginald Vel Johnson High School”, where one of his students was Mark Grayson, the teenage superhero called Invincible.
  • Robot: Former leader of the Teen Team and leader of the Guardians of the Globe until replaced by the Immortal. Not an actual robot, but a drone body controlled by a malformed human living in life-support tank, he cloned a new human body for himself using Rex Splode’s DNA with the help of the Mauler twins. Recently became romantically involved with Monster Girl. He later becomes a villain and one of the main antagonists of the series.
  • Mauler Twins: An evil super-strong scientist and his clone, whom both continuously argue as to which is the original. After the original was definitely killed, making them both clones, they switched to arguing which is the original clone. Recently both Mauler twins were killed by Kid Omni-Man; with no one alive to clone them it is uncertain if they will come back.
  • Angstrom Levy: A disfigured genius with the ability to leap across dimensions.
  • The Viltrumite Empire: Invincible and Omni-Man’s people.
    • Conquest: An elderly, battle-scarred member of the Viltrumite Empire and Invincible’s most powerful enemy. A psychopath who loves to fight and kill.
    • Thragg: A rogue Viltrumite member that seeks vengeance on Omni-man and his family. Arguably one of his archenemies and one of the main antagonists of the series.
    • Anissa: A female Viltrumite that was infatuate with Invincble to the point that she raped him and gave birth to their son Marky.
    • Onnan– One of Thragg’s children killed by Invincible.
    • Ursaal– The daughter of Thragg.
    • General Kregg– One of the many members of the Viltrumites
    • Thula– a female member of the Viltrumites.
    • Lucan– A male member of the Viltrumites.
    • Alternative Mark Graysons– Alternative versions of Mark Grayson who are evil
    • Thragg’s children: The many children of Thragg.
  • Titan: Titan can encase his body in super-strong, nearly invulnerable rock. Titan first appeared in Capes. Titan was a member of the organized crime group The Order, until Mister Liu revoked his membership.
  • Battle Beast: One of Machine Head’s several henchman, a catlike alien. He is later released from imprisonment on the Viltrumite Prison Warship where Allen the Alien and Omni-Man were held, and Allen the Alien used his insatiable lust for battles to coax him into helping in their jailbreak.
  • The Flaxans: Aliens from another dimension, in which time passes at a dramatically faster pace.
  • Machine Head: A crime boss with a robotic head.
  • D.A. Sinclair: A young and reclusive scientist at Upstate University, is the creator of the “Reanimen”, robotic zombies intended to be “the soldiers of the future”. Was last seen working on building reanimen using the corpses of the extra-dimensional Invincibles.
  • Doc Seismic: A villain with special gauntlets that enable him to induce earthquakes. Also controls an army of lava men and other subterranean monsters.
  • Rus Livingston: An astronaut accidentally left on Mars, he’s been attacked and made a host of the psychic Sequids.
  • The Lizard League: A group of lizard-themed terrorists, they are parodies of fictional reptile based villain groups The Serpent Society, HYDRA and Cobra. The Lizard League consisted of King LizardKomodo DragonSalamander, and Iguana, along with an army of human followers; their secret headquarters lies in the Florida Everglades and bears a striking resemblance to a Cobra Terror Drome. King Lizard is the only member of the Lizard League to currently be alive.
  • Furnace: A villain with a massive steam-powered iron suit armed with dual flame-throwers and jets. He is actually a man made entirely of liquid heat from which the suit earns its power.
  • Magnattack: A villain for hire with the ability to apparently push metal objects away from him, hence his massive armor plated suit.
  • Kursk: A Russian villain for hire who can electrify single targets at a time. He was hired by Machine Head to deal with Titan, but was quickly defeated by the Guardians of the Globe.
  • Tether Tyrant: A freelance villain with a vest which houses elastic appendages which can pull and throw victims around. Later merged with the sentient alien vest.
  • Magmaniac: A freelance villain who is part lava.
  • Master Mind: A criminal with the ability to mentally control the bodies of large groups of people. Previously seen in the pages of Brit.
  • Bi-Plane: An age-old villain who believes in using old-fashioned technology for his attacks. Dead.
  • The Elephant: A small-time supervillain that has been described in-story as a “lame Rhino rip-off”.
  • Isotope: A teleporting criminal, Titan’s lieutenant.
  • Giant: An eight-year-old boy who was pulled into another dimension where he transformed by a sorcerer into gigantic orange-red cyclops. He became a king in the other dimension until he was teleported back by one of his enemies.
  • Multi-Paul: Dupli-Kate’s Brother, and a member of the criminal organization called the Order. He shares Kate’s self-duplicating power.
  • Mister Liu: Mister Liu is an elderly Asian cyborg and high-ranking member of the criminal organization called the Order. He can project his soul out of his body; which takes the form of a giant oriental dragon.
  • Dinosaurus– A mutant Dinosaur man

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