Early this year WarnerMedia announced that a Green Lantern live-action series is in development for HBO Max. The streaming service head of original Content Sarah Aubrey revealed at the 2020 Winter TCA Green Lantern television series will run for several decades and will focus on two Green Lanterns. New reports suggesting that the series will be set in the same continuity as the Greenlatern Corps movie.

According to a leak posted on 4Chan, the Green Lantern series will be released in late 2021 or early 2022. The series will apparently follow two timelines and lean heavily into the mythology that Geoff Johns created with his comics. The past timeline will center around Abin Sur and Sinestro as Green Lanterns and will set up the events that led to the downfall of Sinestro and Abin Sur’s death. The present timeline will focus on involving Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz getting recruited into the Green Lantern Corps where they have to learn to work together. The Manhunters will allegedly be the main antagonist of the show’s first season.

The rumored leaks say Hal Jordan and John Stewart will not appear in the Green Lanterns series cause their story will be told in Green Lantern Corps movie. Season 2 of the series will directly connect to the Green Lantern movie with a younger Hal Jordan training under Sinestro in the past timeline and the movie featuring the present-day Hal Jordan training with John Stewart.

The Green Lantern series will feature Kikowog, Tomar-Re, Katma Tui, and Salaak as the Green Lantern Corps trainers. Boodikka, Laira, Stel, Green Man, Vath Sarn, and Isamot Kol will appear as new recruits. There are talks about introducing Guy Gardner into Season 2.

HBO Max’s Green Lantern series has no release date. The streaming service is due to launch in May 2020.

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© 2020 Anime Comic Book / All rights reserved.