Netflix’s Singular Point Anime Unveils Godzilla New Design.

Godzilla new design is by Eiji Yamamori and colored by Yuji Kaneko.

Ever since Netflix announced the Godzilla Singular Point anime series, fans have been wondering how the new design for the king of the monsters will look. Now the streaming service Twitter has unveiled the final character design for Godzilla Singular Point’s king of the monsters, designed by Eiji Yamamori and colored by Yuji Kaneko.

Godzilla Final Design.

Singular Point Anime new Godzilla Design.

However, fans were quick to throw shades at the new design due to the kaiju thickness and how the monster’s small torso makes the new design resemblance to a Kangaroo.

Godzilla Singular Point will be directed by Atsushi Takahashi with Eiji Yamamori in charge of the character design and the Kaiju design. The anime series will combine hand-drawn and CG animation styles. The new Godzilla anime series will introduce a new cast and an original story.

Godzilla Singular Point begins broadcast in April 2021.

Godzilla Singular Point Visual.

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