Sony Launch PlayStation Production To Develop Films and Series Based on their Video games.


Sony Interactive Entertainment has launched PlayStation Productions, a new production studio with the sole purpose of adapting the company’s video game titles into films and television series.

The new studio based at Sony Studios in Culver City, California, will be
led by Asad Qizilbash and overseen by Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden.

“We’ve got 25 years of game development experience and that’s created 25 years of great games, franchises, and stories,” Layden told The Hollywood Reporter. “We feel that now is a good time to look at other media opportunities across streaming or film or television to give our worlds life in another spectrum.”

Qizilbash added, “Instead of licensing our IP out to studios, we felt the better approach was for us to develop and produce for ourselves. One, because we’re more familiar, but also because we know what the PlayStation community loves.”

PlayStation Productions first projects are already in production. Layden and Qizilbash said the company is taking inspiration from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and have been consulting writers, directors, producers, and even spoke to Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Kevin Feige to really get an understanding of the industry.”

Which PlayStation game would like to see the company develop first and in what format?

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Sony Launch PlayStation Production To Develop Films and Series Based on their Video games. 2