Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Game Coming this October.


Ubisoft unveiled on Thursday “Ghost Recon: Breakpoint” the next installment in the shooter video game franchise. The announcement was made in a promo video which revealed that the game will be released on October 4, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is sequel to 2017’s Ghost Recon: Wildland and will be priced at $59.99 USD.

    • The title is meant to refer to the game’s central theme of desperation, not, sadly, the Keanu Reeves film Point Break.
    • The new setting is the Auroa islands, a private compound owned by Jace Skell—the CEO of Skell Technology, which specializes in autonomous drones and artificial intelligence
    • Like in Wildlands, you play as callsign Nomad, trapped behind enemy lines as your mission to get Skell’s drones under control after something causes them to go awry
    • The Auroa Islands are an extremely video gamey setting, with every kind of environment a game should have. You know: mountains, swamps, a snowy region. There’s even a volcano, something that took Fortnite 8 whole seasons to add. Terrain in these regions matter—rocky terrain will cause characters to slide and stumble, and a new prone camo system will allow you to blend into the mud and dirt any time you’re near some
    • Alpha gameplay footage shows off the highly cooperative, open-ended gameplay from Wildlands with new touches, like a tech torch for breaching fences and brutal new takedown animations.
    • Classes are introduced in Breakpoint and you can swap between them at any time. Each class will have class-specific abilities. Four will be available at launch, with more to come
    • Cutscenes will offer dialog choices, but they’re only for flavor and won’t affect the narrative, or how missions unfold.
    • The Ghost you create is shared between all modes: Solo, Cooperative, and Player vs. Player. (This time, PvP is included at launch.)
    • Every four months, a new major expansion episode will launch, including the very first raid in a Ghost Recon game

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