Fog Hill of Five Elements Chinese anime trailer released.

BiliBili began streaming a new trailer for the upcoming Chinese anime “Fog Hill of Five Elements”-The Flame Ignites. Nothing much is known about the project except that it begins broadcast sometime in 2020. In addition, a new poster was also unveiled.


In ancient times, monsters and monsters were in a vertical and horizontal direction. A mysterious Taoist granted the special abilities of the five elements of Yin and Yang to the five families of Jinmu, Shuihuotu to resist the monsters. Among the foggy mountains, there are also powerful spiritual unicorn beasts sealed in the giant Que Aegis, which often attracts monster beasts who want to enhance the demon power and break through the enchantment. The fire performer Wen Renyixuan opened the giant Que Aegis to save his mother, and Xiao Qilin took the opportunity to sneak out, and the monster world will set off a bloody storm.

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